Clinical Pearls


Tips on oral hygiene and anesthesia

New-Patient Kits
Carolyn Friedman
Office of Cliff Campbell, DMD, Tallahassee, Fla
We have found that the new Ortho Info Kit by L Brooks Company provides our new patients with everything that a new patient needs to instruct them on the care of their braces. Instructions of what they can and cannot eat, emergency info, an easel mirror, and a proxy brush are included.

Patients can carry the Ortho Info Kit with them everywhere. We place our business card in the clear window to display our practice name, which helps market our practice.

Topical Anesthetic
John W. Graham, DDS, MD
Litchfield Park, Ariz
For those of us who require an excellent topical anesthetic, for either lasers or miniscrews, here it is. The product is Profound PET (the PET stands for phenylepherine, thick). It is my adaptation of an existing product (Profound Gel). Profound PET is a thick, green, mint-flavored gel that has a formulation of 10% prilocaine, 10% lidocaine, 4% tetracaine, and 2% phenylepherine. This special formulation is my own adaptation, so it needs to be asked for by name: Profound PET. The cost is $74.95 for a 30-gram jar. That works out to $2.49 per gram. I have no financial interest in this product. The Web site is, and the phone number is (714) 540-8911.

Happy numbing.

Hygiene Reward Tokens
Don L. Wilson, DDS, MSD Novato, Calif
I motivate oral hygiene by using the Tooth Token™ Reward System. In my opinion, point systems and raffles don’t work well. Paper money and wooden nickels lack value; they look like they came out of a game box. The shiny metal Tokens we use look and feel like real money. They are custom-made with my logo, colors, and Token name—and patients treasure them! Patients can participate only if they have clean teeth and healthy gums. They save the Tokens in a bank that sits on their dresser at home, and cash them in for prizes. For more information about this innovative reward system, go to