Clinical Pearls

John F. Lohse, DDS

CBCT Improves Workflow
John F. Lohse, DDS
Orthodontic Partners, Reno, Nev

Acquiring a 3D CBCT dental scanner has changed our workflow. Since we purchased a NewTom Cone Beam Scanner 6 years ago, the first step for every patient who comes to us for orthodontic work has been a CBCT scan. The CBCT scan is invaluable in developing a diagnosis and treatment plan. It also replaces a panograph and a lateral and frontal ceph as well as study models, since they can all be reconstructed from the scan data. Another important change in our practice is that we now use our scanner to create a scan as a final record for each patient.

Prior to acquiring CBCT capabilities, after we would complete treatment on a case, we would double-pour the model that we made from the patient’s retainer for a final study model, do a lateral head and a panoramic x-ray (exposing the patient to unnecessary radiation), and take photographs. Now, after treatment is complete, we simply do a final cone-beam scan and take photographs. This replaces the cumbersome procedure we used before cone beam scanning, and we have found it to be an important time-, space-, and money-saving change in our practice.

Soothing Mouth Sores
Michael W. Gleysteen, DDS
Wayzata, Minn

Regardless of the kind of braces or clear aligners a patient is using, given the fact that orthodontics is inherently unnatural, most patients will experience mouth sores. Whether it is food caught in a bracket and aggravating the gums, a wire that has broken loose and is poking into the cheek, or just the initial adjustment to the new braces, mouth sores may be an unfortunate part of the experience.

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To help ease the pain of mouth sores while keeping the wound clean and encouraging healing, I recommend Gly-Oxide Antiseptic Cleanser to my patients.

Gly-Oxide, available over the counter, is a 10% carbamide peroxide solution with dual functionality as an oral debriding agent and wound cleanser for minor mouth lesions or gum irritations. When applied to the sore, Gly-Oxide helps cleanse and soothe the wound while at the same time allowing for natural healing to occur.

My patients appreciate my efforts to help make their orthodontic experience more comfortable.