Carestream Dental, Atlanta, recently reached a milestone with its CS OrthoTrac Cloud system, welcoming its 2000th user to the cloud platform.

CS OrthoTrac Cloud has all the same features and functionality of the CS OrthoTrac software—insurance filing, appointment scheduling, financial reporting, patient records, day-to-day administrative tasks, etc. However, it allows offices to maintain file systems and databases under one virtual roof. The Cloud system is also designed to allow offices to more easily add locations.

Additional features of CS OrthoTrac Cloud include: 24/7 access to files, and back-ups and maintenance of sensitive patient and practice management files by Carestream Dental with HIPAA-compliant storage. The system also helps reduce financial concerns related to maintaining aging equipment or retaining an IT company to configure networks.

The cloud requires no manual updates as Carestream Dental sees to all updates and performs them remotely. CS OrthoTrac Cloud is currently running CS OrthoTrac V12, the latest software. V12 features multiple search options, referral tracking, and patient hygiene “report cards.” In addition, V12 includes:

  • CS Office Expert, which automatically evaluates a practice daily and compares it to set thresholds based on practice goals. It will also prioritize users by addressing areas that need attention.
  • Patient Tracking, a paperless tool that customizes tracking information for users and identifies patients who are at a decision point.
  • CS OrthoTrac Sarver Module, an esthetic evaluation tool that is designed to account for patient needs and open channels for better patient-doctor communication.
  • Optional eServices, including Automated Statements, eClaims, eVerifications, and ePayments.