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With Mark Sanchez, DDS, founder and CEO of tops Software

Orthodontists consistently want to provide the most expedited office experience for their patients to provide a positive atmosphere and generate referrals. And they want to do all this while efficiently managing their client base.

Orthodontic Products spoke with Mark Sanchez, DDS, founder and CEO of tops Software, a developer of orthodontic practice-management software, about the products his company has created to help orthodontists realize their practice goals.

Orthodontic Products: What’s new at tops Software?

Mark Sanchez, DDS: We are launching the next version of our practice-management system, topsOrtho.

The new features in topsOrtho 6.0 take a unique approach to reporting, which we call “high-def reporting” because it will give orthodontists a much clearer picture of what’s happening in their practices.

For the past 20 years, the orthodontic software industry has completely failed the profession—completely, utterly, devastatingly so. And the funny thing is, we didn’t even know it! As a result, consultants haven’t been able to get the information they need, and reporting has been a painful and inefficient process for the staff members in a practice. No system has really come close to what it’s supposed to do.

With high-def reporting, we’ve found the perfect balance between power and simplicity. With just one or two clicks, doctors, their staff members, and their consultants will be able to create a multidimensional report. If you want a snapshot of where your patients are in their treatment, how many new starts you have—whatever report you want to create—you can do it in one or two clicks.

Our new reporting tool will revolutionize what orthodontists expect from their reporting. I think everyone will have an “Aha!” moment when they see what a report really should be.

OP: What makes tops unique? How do customers benefit from tops Software’s products?

MarkSanchezMark Sanchez, DDS, founder and CEO of tops SoftwareSanchez: We have a 99% customer-retention rate, which is unmatched in orthodontic practice-management software.

We’ve also been using private/hybrid cloud architecture for almost a decade—long before the word “cloud” became a marketing term. And that architecture was built by leading Mac programmers, including Aaron Hillegass, who trains Apple’s developers.

As far as benefits, our 1,000 customers rave about how fast, easy, and reliable our software is. This means that our orthodontists end up with more money in their pockets—and more time to spend that money doing things besides working. In fact, one customer recently told us that using topsOrtho is the best thing he does all day. I’m not making this up; he actually said that.

OP: In your opinion, what’s the next big thing in orthodontic software technology?

Sanchez:  I think it will be weaponry. Until now, all of the orthodontic practice-management systems—topsOrtho included—have done some basic things. They’ve gotten better over time, but they are still doing the basic things. They’re not really management tools; they’re really just reporting tools. They’re not active; they’re passive. But if practice-management systems move from traditional reporting to the model we’ve developed, they will become the sharpest tool in your arsenal. In the hands of a skilled treatment coordinator, our reporting is like having a Navy SEAL on staff to carry out the most important missions.

OP: Considering the economy, is tops Software offering any discount or ?incentive plans to customers?

Sanchez: We will continue to offer special discounts to graduating residents. As someone who has been in orthodontic practice for more than 20 years, I understand how important it is to have the best technology—not only to serve patients, but to make the business profitable.

I actually think our best incentive is the long-term rewards that orthodontists can reap, when they use topsOrtho. Customers often tell us that their IT expenses go down when they switch from other practice-management software to topsOrtho; they just don’t need a regular network administrator anymore. Some of them report saving as much as $1,500 a month. So instead of a discount up front, with costs that climb each year, our customers save money over time.

OP: What other new products is tops working on?

Sanchez: We don’t usually comment on products that are in development. You know the old expression, “If I told you, I’d have to kill you”? However, our customers are always our best source for new ideas, so whatever we’re working on is usually something they’ve suggested. We constantly strive to find ways to make their lives easier and better.

OP: Looking ahead, what’s next for tops?

Sanchez: Well, we’re celebrating 21 years in business this year, so I guess that means we’re finally legal! Beyond that, we plan to keep focusing exclusively on orthodontic software and support. OP