OPMag ArlenHurtBy Arlen Hurt, CDT

Clinicians around the world who specialize in treatment of Class II malocclusions typically use the Herbst Appliance in their appliance design and treatment plan. The Herbst appliance arena has come a long way with the introduction and use of MiniScope mechanisms. The MiniScope mechanisms are ideal for patients because they allow for healthy lateral movement and cannot disengage in the mouth. These mechanisms require a measurement of the maximum incisal opening (MIO) of each patient to guarantee successful treatment.

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What is the MIO?

The MIO is the measurement of the distance from the upper to the lower incisal edges, with the patient opening to the limit of their comfortable, pain-free range. Then add to this dimension the amount of overbite and you have the MIO.

Why is the MIO important?

With the wrong size MiniScope, you may experience the patient’s capacity to pull the lower crowns off the teeth. This is caused by the mechanism not allowing the patient to fully achieve their MIO. It is important to obtain the MIO, so your appliance laboratory can fabricate the correctly sized MiniScope. With the correct size, the patient will not be able to dislodge their appliance.