Using What Works

James E. Paschal, DMD, MS. Madison, Ga

We use topsXtreme. tops provides us with a stable, well-designed practice- management solution that does what all of our computer programs should do: It works in the office background without anyone having to attend to program problems. I no longer worry about network crashes, computer crashes, program problems, and all the other issues that seem to pervade other programs and operating systems. tops integrates our schedule, accounts, treatment plans, and all other patient data in such a way that it provides us with a platform for the most experienced staff member and the novice. Our computer training is drastically reduced with tops. We have new staff up and running in minutes instead of weeks. The bottom line: We no longer spend time thinking about practice-management software. topsXtreme just works.

Keeping Kids Excited

Jed M. Feller, DDS, MSD. Las Vegas

As our industry faces increased competition from general dentists who practice cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics, it is more essential than ever that we put forward a professional fee and treatment presentation. Solutions such as ACCEPTx™ software, which instantly and accurately calculates treatment fees and produces a professional payment-option report, dramatically increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability of the new-patient exam and conversion process. In my practice, I have seen a notable increase in conversion rates because we present and customize options instantly in a great-looking report.

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Adding fun to the orthodontic practice is the key to successful treatment and patient referrals. In my practice, we use a “Beach Buck” program, inspired by Ray Rafetto, DDS, to reward patients for good oral hygiene, on-time appointments, and achieving certain treatment milestones. We allow kids to use their Beach Bucks to purchase CDs, books, and fun accessories like Bracket Jacketz™, interchangeable clips for braces in cool designs, alphabetical letters, and colors. Bracket Jacketz replace messy wax and are a frictionless alternative to elastomeric ligatures when used with self-ligating brackets, so there are efficiency and treatment benefits, too. Offering cool accessories like Bracket Jacketz has made our Beach Buck program even more effective at keeping kids excited about their treatment.