The AAO has signed an exclusive, joint endorsement agreement with the electronic payment processing provider and merchant services company, giving members exclusive discounts.

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) announced that it has formed an “exclusive, joint endorsement agreement” with OrthoPayment, an electronic payment processing provider, and Merchant Cost Consulting, a credit card processing cost reduction firm. OrthoPayment specializes in integration with practice software, while Merchant Cost Consulting helps businesses reduce credit card processing fees without changing processors. 

While OrthoPayment and Merchant Cost Consulting operate in the same industry, the AAO points out that each company’s business model meets a unique need that AAO members may experience in their practice life cycles. 

According to the AAO, members will be able to self-select the company that best meets their current needs. 

Under the endorsement agreement with the AAO, both companies have agreed to support each AAO member customer’s “best interest” by referring members to each other, if the other firm’s service is better-suited to the customer’s needs.  

Exclusive AAO member discounts will be available with both companies as part of the arrangement.