The AAO launched a new tool to help members participate in grassroots advocacy within their states and provinces.

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) has launched a new tool to help members participate in grassroots-level advocacy in their states and provinces.

A series of one-page overviews of the orthodontic specialty in each state, the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Canada are accessible to all AAO members and members of the public at

Each one-page guide introduces the orthodontic specialty within the state, province, or country to elected officials, legislative staff, regulators, coalition partners and other stakeholders. The one-pagers can be helpful in advocacy efforts to build the AAO brand and share our priorities whenever AAO members connect with lawmakers and other key officials.

Members’ issues of concern are outlined including policy priorities supported by orthodontists, such as those that acknowledge the importance of an in-person examination and appropriate radiographic imaging prior to orthodontic treatment, based on reliable scientific evidence. The one-pagers also include:

  • Information about the state or province orthodontic organization;
  • Brief information about orthodontists’ education and role as dental specialists;
  • References to orthodontic practices as small businesses impacting communities in positive ways;
  • Contact information for questions.

The AAO says that advocacy efforts supported by significant grassroots activity by AAO members have been key to legislative and regulatory successes for orthodontists and orthodontic patients in many states and provinces.

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