The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) announced that “landmark teledentistry language” has been included in a law signed by Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo. AB147, Nevada’s “modernization of dentistry” bill, includes provisions that make Nevada the first state to require an in-person exam prior to orthodontic treatment. 

According to the AAO, the law also requires that patients have access to a provider telephone number and other contact information for the doctor supervising their treatment. 

The AAO credits engagement from AAO members and policy work from the AAO Advocacy team and the Nevada State Orthodontic Society (NSOS) for the legislation. 

In a statement released by the AAO, Dr Frank Beglin, a pas AAO Council on Government Advocacy (COGA) chair, said, “ “The value AAO brings to our specialty through advocacy action is immeasurable. Without the leadership and action by the AAO Advocacy team working with NSOS, this legislation would have significantly benefited mail-order orthodontic companies as it was originally introduced. Instead, AAO and NSOS worked together to play offense and successfully included the in-person visit requirement and other patient health and safety protections. I am grateful to the AAO advocacy team and our in-state counsel, Sasha Sutcliffe-Stephenson, secured through the AAO’s Component Legal Support Fund. Their work combined with NSOS grassroots engagement made all the difference for success.”