AAO_HalloweenRecipesFor orthodontists, the days following Halloween are often the busiest. Patients who can’t resist the temptation of off-limits hard, sticky, crunchy, or chewy Halloween treats end up in the office needing damaged braces and other orthodontic appliances repaired.

To give orthodontic patients a safer and healthier option, the  American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) has created “Orthodontist Approved” Halloween treat recipes. Not only are the treats delicious, but they also have that all important visual appeal for any Halloween party spread.

Among the featured recipes are:

Additional recipes are available here.

“We know that kids of all ages want to enjoy some Halloween fun,” says Morris N. Poole, DDS, president of the AAO. “These recipes were especially created to be ‘orthodontic-friendly’ and to taste as great as they look.”