The recommendation is based on CDC calls for dental practices to only perform emergency or urgent dental care as COVID-19 continues to spread across the country. 

The American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) are recommending dentists and orthodontists keep their offices closed to all but emergency care until April 30 at the earliest. The recommendation had initially been for practices to remain closed until April 6, but U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has now called for the extension. 

As the rate of COVID-19 cases continues to rise across the country, the ADA calls on dental professionals to take the CDC’s recommendation to only perform emergency or urgent dental care seriously. 

The AAO defines emergency orthodontic care as that which will relieve pain and/or infection, is trauma-related, or is critically necessary to prevent harm to the patient. 

The ADA reminds dental professionals to also consider the availability of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to minimize any risk of COVID-19 transmission during emergency and urgent care. Given the proximity of individuals during dental procedures, and generation of aerosols, the ADA reminds dental professionals and staff that they are at high risk of transmission during these encounters.