The ADA expanded its partnership with BroadcastMed to enhance the organization’s outreach efforts and provide resources to dental professionals.

BroadcastMed, the healthcare marketplace that provides trusted clinical content, engagement and industry insights to healthcare professionals, medical institutions and manufacturers, service providers, and pharmaceutical companies, announced the expansion of its partnership with the American Dental Association (ADA).

This strategic collaboration aims to leverage BroadcastMed’s audience engagement platform and medical publishing infrastructure to enhance the industry-leading society’s outreach efforts and provide valuable resources to dental professionals.

With a shared commitment to advancing the field of dentistry and promoting knowledge exchange, BroadcastMed and the ADA have enjoyed a successful relationship since 2021. The expanded partnership signifies a deeper collaboration that will strengthen the society’s ability to engage its members and deliver high-quality educational content through BroadcastMed’s advanced technological solutions.

“Through the powerful BroadcastMed platform, the ADA can better engage with our members in a more personalized and thoughtful manner, providing them with tailored educational resources, timely events, and more relevant content offerings,” said Jim Goodman, chief business strategy and product portfolio officer of the ADA. “We are excited to roll out the enhanced platform to our ADA members in Q4 of 2023.”

Another key aspect of the expanded partnership is further leveraging BroadcastMed’s innovative audience engagement, learning and content management solutions. The technology will empower the ADA to connect with its members in real-time through various modules on the platform, such as the ADA’s Learning Management System and Store.

Furthermore, BroadcastMed is leveraging its medical publishing infrastructure to support the ADA’s dissemination of valuable research and scientific news. With BroadcastMed’s expertise in digital publishing, content distribution, and data analytics, the society can amplify the reach and impact of its flagship newspaper, the ADA News. By harnessing the power of BroadcastMed’s publication services, the ADA can advance the field of dentistry and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with the American Dental Association and further support their mission to help dentists succeed and support the advancement of the health of the public,” said Charlie Lee, chief executive officer of BroadcastMed. “By combining our powerful technology along with our medical publishing expertise, we aim to enhance the ADA’s reach, drive collaboration, and enable access to clinical progress. Together, we can assist the dental profession and improve oral healthcare outcomes.”

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