ADA Member Advantage is offering an increased rate discount when refinancing student loans through Laurel Road.

ADA Member Advantage has announced an expansion of the American Dental Association (ADA) member benefits offered by Laurel Road, its endorsed student loan refinancing provider.

Laurel Road, an online lender and brand of KeyBank N.A. that has worked with ADA members since 2015, is offering members an exclusive, increased rate discount when refinancing their student loans.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer this enhanced benefit to ADA members,” said Bill Bulman, chair of the ADA Member Advantage board of directors. “This increase can actually lead to substantial member savings over the lifetime of a loan, considering the high amount of student loan debt carried by the average dental school graduate.”

Another new exclusive benefit for ADA members is the offer of a free 30-minute consultation with a Laurel Road student loan specialist at GradFin.

GradFin is a financial services company which, like Laurel Road, is a brand of KeyBank N.A.

Through a one-on-one consultation, the GradFin student loan specialist will analyze a member’s student loan history, review repayment and forgiveness options and help each member create a personalized plan.

“Certain government programs have changed their qualification criteria in a way in which it may now make sense for dentists with significant student loan debt to pursue public student loan forgiveness or an Income-based repayment strategy for at least part, if not all, of their road to paying off their student loans,” said Alyssa Schaefer, general manager and chief experience officer at Laurel Road. “GradFin has the expertise to help individuals decide which path makes the most sense for them with respect to their individual goals and financial situations.”

To sign up for the free 30-minute student loan consultation and start exploring their options, ADA members can visit