The ADA Foundation (ADAF) added six new dental leaders to its board of directors to advance the philanthropic organization’s mission.

The American Dental Association Foundation (ADAF) has announced the addition of six distinguished dental leaders to its board of directors: Dr Patricia Blanton, Steven Brady, Dr Theresa Gonzales, Dr Julie Frantsve-Hawley, Michael Kamp and Dr Nader A. Nadershahi.

Joining existing members Dr Craig Armstrong, Dr Raymond Cohlmia, Dr Dana Graves and Dr Michele Tulak-Gorecki, these accomplished individuals bring a wealth of experience, passion and expertise to further advance the ADAF’s mission of fostering hopeful, healthier communities through philanthropy, professional development and recognition for promising leaders in the dental profession.

“We extend a warm welcome to our new Board members joining the American Dental Association Foundation Board,” said Armstrong, ADA Foundation board chair. “With this new and reimagined Foundation, we look forward to an exciting journey ahead, filled with unlimited possibilities aimed at making a transformative impact on the communities we serve.”

The newly appointed directors will collaborate to equip the ADAF with the breadth and depth of expertise to deliver on the Foundation’s five-year strategic forecasting business plan, expand fundraising efforts and amplify the Foundation’s outreach programs. They further enhance ADAF’s diversity and introduce qualities that advance its mission, lending important expertise and understanding of the dental industry, higher education, military services, fundraising, public health, communication and team building.

“From past ADA officers and military personnel to educators and industry advocates, these six professionals offer new ideas and perspectives that the ADAF is excited to expand on,” said Armstrong. “They are passionate about their relationships with their peers, dental education for future generations, oral health research opportunities, fundraising efforts within their communities and the ongoing effort to provide quality oral health care to those in need across the U.S. and the globe.”

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