Bento allows companies of any size to provide flexible self-funded dental benefit programs to their employees. 

The American Dental Association (ADA) has endorsed Bento—the company behind a mobile and cloud-based alternative to dental benefits administration for employers and individuals. According to a press release from the ADA, this is the association’s first-ever endorsement of a dental benefits technology company. 

“We believe Bento’s solution is optimal for creating transparency in dental care for as many patients as possible because it streamlines payments and allows patients and dentists to come up with appropriate dental care plans without interference,” said ADA President Chad P. Gehani, DDS. “It’s the best we’ve seen thus far in addressing the needs of everyone from individuals to group members, while optimizing the experience for patients and dentists. With COVID-19, a digital transformation is underway throughout the world and in every aspect of our lives. The Bento model not only supports employers and group discount plans but also offers dentists the flexibility to offer in-office plans. We want to make sure ADA members have the best path forward following these unprecedented times and we believe that these twin solutions offered by Bento could provide the market disruption that we have been waiting for.”

Bento allows companies of any size to provide flexible self-funded dental benefit programs to their employees—from simple access to dental care to a preventative plan with two cleanings, all the way up to a more traditional plan offering. Moreover, Bento is designed to help every employer have a plan that works for their budget and provide a premium dental benefit to their employees. Bento’s technology enables dental professionals to provide digital and paperless solutions that reduce their operating costs and reduce barriers to care imposed by traditional insurance carriers. 

“The endorsement from the ADA of Bento will transform how dental benefits are delivered and accessed by employers and individuals,” said Ram Sudireddy, co-founder & CEO of Bento.  “We are proud to work with the American Dental Association to improve patient and provider experiences through our mobile and cloud based platform. By enabling dental practices to become more efficient, reduce costs, and improve care, they will spend less time and money on administration and more time treating patients. Together Bento and the ADA will unlock value for patients, providers, and payers across the country in an unprecedented way.”