DENTSPLY GAC, Islandia, NY, and Shock Doctor, Minnetonka, Minn, have become corporate supporters of the [removed]American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Donated Orthodontic Services Program [/removed](DOS). The program provides orthodontic care to indigent children who lack insurance coverage, or who do not qualify for other assistance in their states.

The AAO DOS program was established in 2009, and is currently operating in five states—Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, New Jersey, and Rhode Island—with plans for expansion under way. More than 350 AAO members in the five states have joined the DOS program as providers. More than 400 patients are currently in treatment. More than 40 patients have completed treatment.

DENTSPLY GAC donated $25,000 in support of the AAO DOS program. Shock Doctor donated $5,000 plus 10% of all mouthguard sales going to DOS. The donations will cover costs associated with administration of the DOS program, including processing of applications, screening of patients, monitoring patient progress, and promoting the program.

The Dental Lifeline Network administers the DOS program on behalf of the AAO. Direct services to patients are donated by the participating orthodontist.