The partnership will bundle Philips oral care products into Bento dental benefit membership plans offered by dental offices. 

Royal Philips, the global health technology company, and Bento, a dental insurance platform, have partnered to enable dental practices, employers, and groups to bundle Philips oral care products into their dental benefit plans. 

“The opportunity to package our products directly with dental membership plans offered by dentists and benefit plans provided by employers will make overall oral health care more accessible for everyone,” said Michael-John Kuehne, senior vice president at Philips Oral Healthcare.

Dental professionals can now include Philips products such as Sonicare power toothbrushes and Zoom! Teeth Whitening when creating in-office membership plans offered through Bento. 

Bento dental membership plans provide options for uninsured individuals, seniors, and low-income families to access oral care, while providing a steady recurring revenue source for the dental office. An alternative to traditional insurance, patients purchase these membership plans directly from the dental professional. 

Bento’s platform allows dental professionals to create dental membership plans customized to their patient base. Plans reportedly can include any procedure from basic oral care to cosmetic procedures typically not covered by insurance plans. Through the partnership, dental professionals can no bundle Philips products directly into their plans. 

Philips and Bento are reportedly also exploring future opportunities for groups using Bento to administer their dental benefit to include Philips products as part of their plan. This may include companies offering benefits not typically covered by insurance such as Zoom! Whitening. 

In a press release from the American Dental Association, the ADA-endorsed Bento also announced that all offices that switch their current in-office plan patients to Bento will pay not subscription fees for the first 12 months.