The patent is the second the company has received and applies to the proprietary Dual Shell construction of the clear aligner material. 

Bay Materials LLC, the manufacturers of thermoformable plastic materials for orthodontic clear aligners, announced that it has obtained a second U.S. patent for its “Dual Shell Dental Appliance and Materials Constructions” family of patents. 

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued the new patent in December with 34 claims covering thermoformable sheets and orthodontics appliances. According to Bay Materials, this latest patent complements the initial patent issued in February 2020. 

“These patents cover Bay Materials’ Zendura FLX aligner materials and validate our innovative approach to advanced thermoformable materials and orthodontic aligners,” said Ray Stewart, PhD, general manager and founder of Bay Materials. “The patents strengthen our competitive position, protect our R&D investment and help to prevent others from copying the material. The innovative and proprietary Dual Shell construction is designed to provide excellent patient comfort and tooth-moving forces during the patient wear cycle, which is why Zendura FLX is highly sought after by aligner-producing customers served by Bay’s Zendura Dental business operation.”