BIOLASE Inc, Irvine, Calif, recently announced that as a key part of its ongoing transformation, it has formed a new Dental Professional Advisory Board. According to a press release, the Advisory Board will focus on improving the company’s approach to the dental profession and strengthening its leadership, worldwide competitiveness, and focus on dentists and their patients.

The board will include Drs Samuel B. Low, Howard Golan, Robert A. Lowe, and Giorgios Romanos. Low will serve as chairman of the Advisory Board.

“The decision to form the Dental Professional Advisory Board is evidence of our renewed commitment to the dental industry,” said Jeffrey M. Nugent, BIOLASE’s acting CEO, “and our recognition that our decision making should be guided by dental practitioners of the highest caliber and at the top of their respective subspecialties. The versatility of WaterLase® as well as our other current and pipeline of products makes it a practical necessity to get frequent input from dentists, particularly as we put this business on a positive growth trajectory and help define the future of dentistry.”

The new Advisory Board will work directly with BIOLASE President and COO Alexander K. Arrow, MD, and counsel the company on product development and key elements of its interactions with its dental customers and their patients. Arrow noted that BIOLASE is committed to ensuring that its customer service is a recognized strength of the company, and that BIOLASE is not only known as the company with the best all-tissue dental laser, but that it champions evidence-based dentistry and takes exceptional care of its customers.