The partnership will provide TeamSmile with Biolase’s iPlus Waterlase laser systems to help treat children for free.

Biolase has partnered with TeamSmile to provide children at TeamSmile events with dental treatment free of cost with the help of Waterlase technology.

Biolase donated iPlus Waterlase laser systems to provide children with free preventative dental care and oral education at TeamSmile events throughout the U.S.

TeamSmile was launched in 2007 by Bill Busch, DMD, MAGD, of NKC Dental and Jason Krause of Henry Schein. Since its inception, it has held over 250 programs, served over 45,000 children, and provided over $18 million in free dental care and oral health education.

“Through the support of Biolase, we are now able to perform laser dentistry at our TeamSmile events. Using Biolase’s iPlus Waterlase lasers allows our dentists to provide their services pain free and shot free,” said John McCarthy, TeamSmile’s executive director. “It is a wonderful enhancement, and what a great service to the children that attend our events. We are so grateful to Biolase for their support of TeamSmile.”

Waterlase technology allows the TeamSmile dentists to perform minimally invasive procedures with less anesthetic and without the need for drilling. 

Since the most common treatment for children during TeamSmile events is cavity removal, children in attendance will benefit from the use of Waterlase laser systems, thanks to the removal of injections of anesthetic in the gums, loud drills are not needed to perform the procedures either.

“We are eager to help TeamSmile provide life-changing dental care procedures to underserved children in our communities at no cost,” said John Beaver, Biolase’s president and chief executive officer. “This partnership is an inspiring and engaging opportunity to treat children with less invasive treatments that improve their oral and overall long-term health.”

Photo via Biolase