Braces On Demand has hired James Paschal, DMD, MS, as its chief clinical officer to oversee and accelerate product development efforts.

Braces On Demand has hired industry-leading innovator and educator James Paschal, DMD, MS, as the chief clinical officer to accelerate product development efforts.

“Braces On Demand is delighted to welcome Dr Paschal to the team as our chief clinical officer,” said Colin Corey, founder and chief executive officer. “As an early adopter of cutting-edge orthodontic products and a well-known educator, Dr Paschal will be instrumental in bringing innovative products to the orthodontic market.”

Paschal lectures doctors, staff, and residents worldwide on the most advanced orthodontic trends, techniques, and technologies that improve patient care.

He is recognized as a leading expert on incorporating 3D printing into orthodontic practices, and, in addition to his new role as CCO at Braces On Demand, Paschal maintains private practices in Madison and Greensboro, Georgia.

“Every once in a while, a truly unique technology comes along that changes how I think about the delivery of orthodontic care to my patients. Braces On Demand is the next technology to do so,” said Paschal. “Braces On Demand’s printed appliances are revolutionizing my digital workflows and the scope of care with these systems.”

Braces On Demand was founded in 2019 and received FDA approval the following year. The company was created to develop a web application allowing orthodontists to 3D print brackets and fixed appliances in their offices.

Braces On Demand recently introduced Blueprint, a fully customized, 3D-printed patient-specific bracket system with a digital workflow for precise placement and predictable results.

Braces On Demand will be exhibiting this month at the American Association of Orthodontists Winter Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Photo: Chase Lanier