OrthoThrive talks with BrainTap’s founder, Patrick Porter, PhD, about the benefits of his stress-reducing technology.

Ortho Sales Engine, the team behind OrthoThrive, the educational web series for orthodontists, is once again producing their web series featuring interviews with guests from the world of orthodontics, including Patrick Porter, PhD, of BrainTap.

“After airing daily live segments at the start of the pandemic for which we received positive feedback from numerous orthodontic offices and were recognized by IMDb as a talk-show TV series, we decided to continue providing this free information in a weekly web series,” says Rich Carnahan, co-founder of Ortho Sales Engine. 

The latest on-demand episode features Porter, who has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, People, and Business Week, as well as on NBC and ABC. With its proprietary app and headset technology, which can be used by orthodontic patients during exams, BrainTap enables users to tackle the challenges of today’s stressful world and enhance quality of life through improved brain health. 

Next week’s episode will feature Paul Homoly, CSP, president of Homoly Communications. Homoly offers his expertise in leadership and practice improvement to orthodontists and other healthcare professionals.

No fee or registration is required to view the OrthoThrive series. New episodes will continue to be posted on Wednesdays at the OrthoThrive website.