Candid is partnering with Vivos Therapeutics to provide a comprehensive sleep apnea treatment solution that includes orthodontics. 

Candid announced a strategic collaboration with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) treatment company Vivos Therapeutics to provide patients with a comprehensive whole-mouth solution for OSA.

The strategic collaboration will provide a solution to diagnose and treat OSA in adult patients and provide orthodontic treatment from the same provider network. 

Vivos and Candid will market each company’s products and areas of expertise to patients in the United States and Canada.  The focus of the collaboration will be Candid’s CandidPro clear aligner for straightening teeth and the Vivos System for treating OSA.  

The two companies will also share educational resources, training, and key opinion leaders to bridge the gap between airway health and orthodontic therapy.

“We believe the Vivos-Candid collaboration will provide for the first solution that seamlessly integrates sleep and orthodontic therapy to create better patient outcomes for treating OSA and enhance overall health and wellness across the board,” said Kirk Huntsman, Vivos chairman and chief executive officer.

Additionally, Vivos and Candid will jointly explore new research and development opportunities for device development and other alliances related to orthodontics, OSA, and snoring. 

Candid will also conduct specialized training sessions at the Vivos Institute in Denver, Colo, and semi-annual seminars for both dentists and medical doctors to provide additional learning opportunities.  

The parties will act on a non-exclusive basis. However, during the term of the agreement, Candid’s aligners will become the official clear aligner of Vivos, and Vivos’ oral devices and proprietary protocols will become the official sleep therapy program of Candid.

“Since launching Candid in 2017, my co-founders and I have strived to shine a light on the correlation between teeth alignment, oral health, and chronic illnesses, like obstructive sleep apnea,” said Nick Greenfield, Candid co-founder and CEO. “By combining Vivos’ therapeutic protocol for OSA and its VIP doctor network with Candid’s treatment methodology and CandidPro network, together we look forward to offering a full-service solution for patients suffering from OSA.”

Photo 144081638 © Tero Vesalainen