Carestream Dental, Atlanta, has adopted a new format for its Orthodontic Summit (previously the Orthodontic Users’ Conference), which will now include expert speakers covering a range of industry topics. The Summit will take place from March 13 to 14, 2015, at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Atlanta.

The Summit will feature two keynote speakers, one for each day, designed to motivate attendees for the courses ahead. On Friday, March 13, Kyle Maynard will kick off the Summit with his presentation, “No Excuses!” Despite being born without arms or legs, Maynard became the first man to crawl on his own to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and his presentation is intended to teach audiences that everyone has the ability to overcome life’s obstacles. On March 14, Bernie Stoltz, chief executive officer of Fortune Management, will present “Breakthrough Orthodontic Marketing,” aimed at teaching participants the most effective strategies for attracting and retaining new patients.

Below is the schedule of industry expert speakers.

Friday, March 13:

  • Robert L. Waugh, DMD, will present “Intraoral Scan-to-Appliance: Digital Impressions for Maximized Efficiency in Time and Cost.”
  • Chris Bentson, president of Bentson Clark & Copple, will present “Orthodontic Calculus: Trends, Benchmarks and Data Today’s Orthodontists Must Understand in Order to Build Practice Value.”
  • Paul Zuelke, president of Zuelke & Associates Inc, will present “The Key to Growth – Making it Easy for Your Patients to Buy the Product that You Sell.”

Saturday, March 14:

  • Wendy Askins, MBA, senior fraud examiner for Prosperident, will present “Swindles, Cheats and Scams.”
  • Erin E. Elliott, DDS, ASBAD, will present “Sleep Apnea: Wake up to the Problem.”
  • Paul Zuelke, president of Zuelke & Associates Inc, will present, “Exercise the Power of the Zuelke Module.”
  • Benjamin G. Burris, DDS, MDS, will present “Practice Differentiation.”
  • Orthodontic consultants Debbie Best, Rosemary Bray, and Carol Eaton will co-present “Team Talk! Communicate with Benefits: Efficiency, Camaraderie & Harmony.”

Registration is now open on the company website.