The appointment coincides with the launch of The Sarver Institute, an online continuing education membership platform for orthodontists and dental specialists, founded by Sarver. 

David Sarver, DMD, MS, founder of The Sarver Institute (SI), an online continuing education membership platform for orthodontists and dental specialists, has announced the faculty appointment of Brandon Owen, DDS, MS (pictured). Sarver, with more than 40 years in private practice and orthodontic education, recently launched the institute along with communications professional Jeff Behan of VisionTrust Communications.

“Our mission is to elevate dentistry by showing practitioners what is possible, teaching them how to communicate that to patients, and then helping them deliver it. The Sarver Institute goes beyond orthodontics exclusively, integrating all forms of esthetics, encouraging interdisciplinary treatment,” said Sarver, “We are building a worldwide community of professionals dedicated to being the best in their field, lifting their practices and communities in the process.”

Owen, an ABO-certified orthodontist, was tapped by Sarver and Behan to join the group of clinicians and educators. He has over 15 years practice experience and lectures internationally on lingual and digital orthodontics and TMD. Owen is currently involved in three research projects with the University of Alberta Canada. He is the CEO and founder of KLOwen Custom Braces and owns patents including the Tripod Splint, Repositioning Software, and Bracket Pad Extension.

“Dr Owen’s life work and philosophies mesh with the institute’s ideals. We share the belief that the best way for orthodontists to position their practices is to place equal emphasis on exceptional treatment outcomes, and excellent patient communication,” said Sarver.

Sarver is the author of Dentofacial Esthetics from Macro to Micro, a book about how to evaluate each patient, focusing first on the big picture and then the minute details in order to develop individualized treatment plans for optimal outcomes.

“I am so grateful to Dr Sarver for his initiative and dedication to furthering our specialty through The Sarver Institute. Being appointed to the faculty is a huge honor, I’ve listened to his lectures every year since residency. I look forward to being a part of the SI community, sharing what I have learned and collaborating with others,” said Owen, “As orthodontists we have a tremendous opportunity to use available technologies with custom treatment to transform our practices, the lives of our patients and to keep our specialty relevant and vital.”