The two plan to work together to promote the increased use of digital dentistry and change patient expectations around care. 

Carestream Dental has partnered with SLOWDENTISTRY to promote the use of digital dental technology and ensure it’s being used to its fullest potential.

Through this partnership, Carestream Dental will be able to offer select membership opportunities to its users. The company will also share and promote SLOWDENTISTRY literature and guidance.

“It’s not enough to put this advanced digital technology out into the marketplace; there’s training, education and support that goes with it to ensure both the doctor and patient are benefiting,” said Ed Shellard, DMD, chief dental officer at Carestream Dental. “SLOWDENTISTRY’s goals align with Carestream Dental’s new initiatives, like the Digital Dentistry Difference, that raise awareness about the benefits of digital technology and seek to provide a better experience for doctors and patients.”

According to a press release from Carestream Dental, SLOWDENTISTRY believes in safe, ethical and pain-free dentistry, making sure each patient’s exam is “a wonderful experience.” The organization has reportedly established fundamentals that form a modern digital dental practice, such as capturing pre-treatment CBCT scans and digital impressions and committing to being 100% paper free. 

“I believe that every human deserves respect when they go to the dentist,” Miguel Stanley, DDS, founder of the SLOWDENTISTRY concept, said. “The founding cornerstones of SLOWDENTISTRY are easy to recognize by any patient around the globe seeking care. They are set into place and implemented by caring practitioners who wish to differentiate themselves from those dentists that are more focused on volume and profit over quality dental care. SLOWDENTISTRY is effectively the human bill of rights for a dental patient,”

Carestream Dental and SLOWDENTISTRY stated in a press release that they both believe that the proliferation of digital technology will grow even more once patients understand how much it benefits their care and treatment. They point to a 2019 global digital dentistry survey conducted by Carestream Dental that found two out of five patients who hadn’t been to the dentist in 2 or more years would be motivated to go back if they just had more education about how technology improves their care. That’s why, according to the two, concepts like the Digital Dentistry Difference and SLOWDENTISTRY are as much patient-focused as they are doctor-focused and seek to elevate patients’ expectations of care thanks to digital technology.

SLOWDENTISTRY is a part of the Foundation for Excellence in Dentistry, a Swiss-regulated foundation aimed at promoting global excellence in the field of oral healthcare.