Grin will be launching and showcasing new products at the AAO Annual Session, improving records, practice management, and communication.

Grin, a comprehensive virtual care platform that provides digital oral healthcare solutions connecting practices and patients, announced that it is launching several new products at the American Association of Orthodontics Annual Meeting in Chicago.

From new patient management integrations to a full-service practice growth suite with additional practice productivity and workflow automation tools, Grin is bringing more opportunities for doctors and their teams to boost efficiency and revenue while streamlining workflows across the practice.

Grin offers all the tools doctors need under a single ecosystem—an all-in-one digital platform that allows doctors to do more with less.

As a true foundation of the company’s core values, Grin continues to invest in new functionality based on the voice of the customer by prioritizing the community of trusted practices and patients while considering the key areas where the Grin product would best help and integrate with every practice’s digital workflows, efficiencies, and patient outcomes.

This year the company is introducing several new products and software integrations. Here are some of the highlights to be showcased live at the AAO Annual Session:

  • AI Records App – a dedicated Grin mobile app account for the practice allowing practices to take a high-quality scan, including intraoral and extraoral photos of a patient using the Grin Scope and an iPhone. Practices can use the service for all practice record-taking, fast onboarding, and generating leads and referrals anytime, anywhere quickly. Grins’ AI will automatically choose the best eight images from the Grin scan to ensure treatment-ready records.
  • Practice Management Integration – Grin is announcing its partnership with Dolphin Practice Manage Software towards an integration connecting both platforms. Practices now have the ability to integrate the Grin platform with their practice management software for increased operational efficiency.
  • In-Practice Communication – Practice members can discuss, annotate, and manage cases amongst team members in real time, including cross-team patient delegations to internal tagging and notifications.
  • New Hygiene Resource Suite – Grin already has tools to diagnose and treat patients’ oral hygiene and is introducing additional tools to educate and enforce better oral care practices through various educational tutorials that can be shared directly through the Grin App with every patient.

The above functionality comes in addition to Grin’s Human Intelligence (Grintelligence) service, powered by Grin’s AI. The company will continue releasing additional technology later this year.

Grin will also release new oral hygiene detection tools utilizing AI technology to detect gum recession, inflammation, plaque, and tartar.

“The AAO Annual Session 2023 is a big milestone for our company every year, but this year, we’re thrilled to show up with some new innovations that will truly benefit our doctors on every level of their business,” said Dr. Adam Schulhof, Grin CEO. “Our team has been working hard on key integrations and building new technology to help practices grow and optimize everything they do from the front to the back office. Grin offers so much more than just remote monitoring technology. We exist to help our dental practices exceed their business goals and build clinical confidence.”

Photo courtesy of Grin