On International Women’s Day, Dentsply Sirona has reaffirmed its commitment to driving cultural change and empowering women in dentistry. 

In line with the day’s 2022 motto, “Break the bias,” Dentsply Sirona advocates for more measures in the dental industry to ensure that women have the same opportunities as men while having their voices heard, their expertise recognized, and their achievements celebrated.

“We are dedicated to driving long-term, cultural change to empower women within the company and throughout the industry,” said Erania Brackett, chief marketing officer of Dentsply Sirona. “We have made this ambition a central element of our sustainability strategy ‘Beyond. Taking action for a brighter world.”

Internal initiatives at Dentsply Sirona to promote women include DS Women. This employee resource group works to help female employees reach their fullest potentials and ensure that more women get senior roles, lead practices, and take center stage in the company.

Dentsply Sirona also hosts training and awareness sessions for all employees worldwide on identifying and eliminating unconscious bias while building inclusivity inside and outside the workplace. 

The company is a signatory to the Paradigm for Parity commitment. The pledge is part of broader efforts to give women and men equal power, status, and opportunity, with the ultimate goal of achieving full gender parity by 2030. Dentsply Sirona is ahead of this pledge and aims to fulfill gender parity and gender pay parity by 2025.

Dentsply Sirona also works to bring about change in the dental community through several initiatives and actions. 

The company is a partner of Women in DSO, an association that provides mentoring, learning, and development programs to women in dental service organizations.

Dentsply Sirona’s Smart Integration Award honors innovative ideas and successful treatment concepts by female dental professionals. The award is open to women around the world who work as dentists or dental technicians, with participants gaining access to the award’s international women’s networking platform. 

The company also sponsors a global personal development program called First to 50, which promotes female dentists, specialists, and dental assistants as speakers at industry events and provides structured speaker training for all levels of experience.

“Driving cultural change from the inside is an incredibly important component of our sustainability strategy when it comes to equity and inclusion,” said Lisa Yankie, chief human resources officer of Dentsply Sirona. “From employees to students to dental professionals and technicians, we go beyond to fight against bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.”

Photo courtesy of Dentsply Sirona