Current and new customers reportedly can expect to receive the same pricing and products, which includes Gold’n Braces’ Midas Bracket System. 

DynaFlex announced its acquisition of Gold’n Braces Inc. The company is best known for its 24-karat gold-plated orthodontic brackets, wires, and auxiliary items, including the Midas Bracket System. 

In a press release, DynaFlex said current and new customers can expect to receive the same pricing and products. They will also have access to DynaFlex customer service. Gold’n Braces products can still be ordered online at the, or at In addition, customers can call the DynaFlex Customer Care Team at (866) 346-5665. 

All Gold’n Braces orders will be processed, billed, and shipped from DynaFlex’s Lake St Louis, Mo headquarters.