G&H Orthodontics, Franklin, Ind, announced its partnership with Premier Dental, Plymouth Meeting, Pa, a dental product company.

Premier Dental’s stable of products include Enamel Pro® Prophy paste with Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP), 2pro® prophy angles, Enamel Pro® Varnish, Alfa Triple Trays®, the Perfecta® REV!® whitening system, and Enamelon®.

The goal of the partnership is to continue to support orthodontists and patients with products after the braces come off—the patient’s “Great Big Day.”

Premier Dental CEO Julie Charlestein said, “Premier is proud to partner with G&H as our companies have a shared mission to deliver unsurpassed oral care health solutions to our customers and great outcomes to their patients.  Whether it’s helping patients look their absolute best on their Great Big Day, or equipping them with the products and hygiene regimen to keep their smiles bright and healthy on their journey forward, Premier is thrilled to play an important role alongside G&H.”

Kevin McNulty, CEO of G&H Orthodontics, followed up, saying, “Nothing touched my heart more than seeing that first smile when my children had their Great Big Day!  At G&H, we are very grateful to play a part in this moment and we thank our doctors for trusting us with their masterpieces.”