InnSoft-ortho-share-3d-softwareInnSoft announced the release of its Ortho Share 3D software. The software is designed to import, manage, and share patient records—especially photos, x-rays, and 3D dental models—in a searchable database. Records can be shared with patients, coordinating doctors, labs, and insurance companies.

Ortho Share 3D is available for $198.

As a data organizer, Ortho Share 3D is designed for importing, storing individual patient folders, including treatment plans, letters, and exam forms; and storing, organizing, editing, displaying, and exporting 2D and 3D data such as x-rays (panoramic, periodical, lateral ceph, and PA ceph), intraoral scans, 3D dental model scans, and 3D facial scans. Photos can be rotated, zoomed or cropped, aligned, organized, and viewed in ABO format as well as user-defined layouts.

The software allows for “nearly unlimited” cephalometric and model analyses to be displayed when working on treatment plans, according to the company. Ortho Share 3D allows orthodontists to adjust treatment plans and recalculate tooth movement if needed. A heat map option can be used to check occlusion.

Ortho Share 3D can be used to view 2D and 3D data during appointments. A slideshow feature displays the records during patient consultations, and the treatment simulation feature plays a movie progressing from pre- to post-treatment tooth positions. This last feature requires data from an outside source, according to the company. Files can also be encrypted and transferred over SFTP (secure file transfer protocol). Ortho Share 3D allows digital records submission directly from doctors to insurance companies for claim submissions.