Palmero_SmileyFaceClingShieldApronPalmero Healthcare, Stratford, Conn, is releasing its new Happy Face design Cling Shield® x-ray aprons. The company held a contest to find the new design, asking customers to create the new face of the company.

“The Happy Face has been a long time best seller and synonymous with our brand,” said Karen Neiner, president of Palmero. “Many clinicians, especially those who work in pediatric offices, have come to rely on it because it puts children at ease. Once we decided the Happy Face needed some company, we held a contest to design the Smiley Face apron. The winning entry tapped a digital emoji style as an inspiration. We loved the design and felt it would be a style that resonated with clinicians and patients alike.”

The company received over 75 design submissions from around the world. The winner received a cash prize and the addition of his design, known as “Smiley,” into the Palmero Cling Shield child x-ray apron styles.

The new Smiley aprons come in three styles. They feature medical-grade textured vinyl Cling Shield backing that clings in place, ensuring coverage by preventing slippage and providing stability. The aprons also include high-density lead along with Palmero’s Lead-Free materials to effectively shield the patient from radiation.

The aprons will be available in Child Protectall Apron with Neck Collar; Child Apron, No Collar; and Child Pano Dual Apron, No Collar.