Henry Schein Orthodontics recently wrapped up the fifth Sagittal First European Carriere Symposium in Barcelona, Spain. The event welcomed 200 orthodontic practitioners and 40 staff who attended lectures on the Sagittal First philosophy, which is based on the use of the Carriere Motion 3D Appliance and SLX Aligners. In addition, attendees learned how to optimize practice efficiencies with progressive workflow systems. 

Luis Carriere, DDS, MSD, PhD, led the event with his presentation on the Sagittal First philosophy. He explained how to treat the AP dimension and correct the bite from a Class II or Class III to a Class I occlusion with Motion 3D Appliance before SLX Aligner treatment or SLX 3D Bracket System, sharing his own cases. He also talked about how this approach has grown his practice and increased his profile within the orthodontic industry. Carriere encouraged attendees to use this procedure as a method to create practice efficiencies and cater to patients looking for shorter overall treatment times and non-surgical solutions to their malocclusions. 

Next, Dave Paquette, DDS, MS, MDS, lead clinical advisor at Henry Schein Orthodontics, spoke in detail about passive self-ligation mechanics and the clinical evidence that supports their benefits. He also shared his new clinical protocol using the new Carriere M-Series wire sequence, using a new wire and a 3-wire protocol to shorten treatment time to 12 months. 

John Graham, DDS, MD, then gave a lecture focused on the importance of differentiating the practice from the competition through total-patient care. 

Additional lectures were presented by Christy Fortney, DDS; Francesco Garino, MD; and John Kaku, DDS, MSD. Fortney shared her expertise in progressive and efficient operations within her practice. She talked about improved workflow, the importance of staff communication, and how digital platforms have improved efficiency and productivity within her practice. She shared professionals tips on running a successful practice. Garino lectured on how the duo of Motion 3D Appliance and SLX Aligners are becoming standard in orthodontic treatment, while Kaku discussed aligner treatment through the perspective of a specialist. 

Henry Schein Orthodontics will host its next European Carriere Congress in 2020 in Europe, September 24 to 26.