Cirrus Consulting Group Inc, Toronto, and Henry Schein Dental, Melville, NY, recently announced the signing of an agreement between the two companies with the goal of bringing Cirrus’ lease services and solutions specifically designed for healthcare practitioners to customers of Henry Schein Dental across Canada and the United States.

The dental office lease agreement is the foundation of the dental practice. It has widely been known to be a more important tool for dentists, specifically, than almost any other health care or non-health care tenant due to the significant investment required to set up and maintain a practice. In addition to this, the overwhelming majority of dentists across North America leave the industry at the end of their careers by selling their interest in their dental practice. The success of these transitions is often significantly affected by a well-structured lease agreement. It is imperative that dentists properly establish and strategically manage this part of their practice throughout their careers in order to effectively manage occupancy costs, minimize risk to the dentist and the dentist’s family as a result of this commercial agreement, and effectively maximize flexibilities through the various stages of their careers.

“The stellar track record and reputation of Cirrus Consulting Group, as well as the increasing customer need for this important, innovative service, adds to our comprehensive offering of solutions. Many of our customers have no choice but to somehow make their way through a lease negotiation every 5 years or so. We are very pleased to partner with Cirrus and bring the benefits of this exciting offering to the broader dental market, as we continue to find new ways to drive our customers’ practice success,” said Tim Sullivan, president of Henry Schein Dental, North America.

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