LightForce Orthodontics reported receiving $50 Million from a Series C funding round.

LightForce Orthodontics, makers of a customizable 3D-printed bracket system, announced that it raised a $50 million Series C round led by Kleiner Perkins

The funds will allow LightForce to continue producing mass-customized braces that enable orthodontists to provide a personalized patient experience.

Since no set of teeth is the same and 70% of patients require braces instead of aligners, LightForce’s 3D printing technology allows personalization for each patient.

LightForce 3D prints brackets that fit the unique tooth morphology of each patient, customization that would otherwise be unavailable to patients with traditional braces, according to the company.

“In an industry where precision is key, 3D printing allows orthodontists to fine-tune each tooth movement down to a micron, one-thousandth of a millimeter, resulting in a balanced bite and smile tailored to each unique patient,” said Alfred Griffin III, DMD, PhD, LightForce founder and chief executive officer. “We are excited to continue implementing 3D printing technology in orthodontics in new and innovative ways to create a new standard of care for all braces patients.” 

Griffin has a Masters of Medical Research and Certificate in Orthodontics from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, where he currently serves as American Board of Orthodontics-certified faculty.

Photo courtesy of LightForce Orthodontics