Orthobrain and Oakpoint have partnered to drive orthodontic activations for dentists affiliated with the DSO.

Orthobrain has partnered with the Oakpoint dental support organization, offering dental care providers support services in key functional areas of dental practices, from marketing and human resources to finance and patient advocacy.

Together, the organizations will use clinical expertise and business acumen to deliver personal support to affiliated practices.

Specifically, Oakpoint will integrate orthobrain’s Core service offering to support and drive orthodontic activation, resulting in increased patient acquisition and practice growth.

Established in 2019, Oakpoint is a doctor-owned DSO with 34 practices and more than 300 dedicated team members. The company helps dentist partners grow by separating the clinical work from the clerical, letting dentists concentrate on practicing dentistry without the distractions and burden of running a practice.

“Orthobrain and Oakpoint share a common understanding of creating successful and profitable practices,” said Mick Janness, chief executive officer of Oakpoint. “We know the day-to-day realities practices face, and together, we will help them run efficiently, translating to better quality patient care and outcomes.”

The collaboration aims to give Oakpoint dentists the clinical confidence to provide orthodontic services, according to orthobrain.

“We’re excited to partner with Oakpoint and bring additional resources, skills, and confidence-building support to their practices,” said Kimberly Harrington, chief operating officer at orthobrain. “With up to 12 million people seeking orthodontic treatment globally every year, partnerships like this will empower patient access and support clinical confidence. Our shared vision will make transformative growth possible for dental practices.”

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