Univet Optical Technologies is partnering with healthcare distributor NDC to expand access to the company’s safety eyewear for healthcare professionals.

Univet Optical Technologies North America announced a partnership with NDC to expand access to Univet’s safety eyewear for healthcare professionals and their patients in both Canada and the United States.

NDC has Univet’s safety eyewear in stock at their warehouse ready to ship out immediately.

Univet produces eyewear for healthcare professionals using the tradition of Italian design.

Univet’s safety division produces personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety eyewear designed and tested for the protection and comfort of healthcare professionals and their patients.

NDC, a network of healthcare distributors headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, offers efficient distribution and supply chain solutions specifically related to healthcare, serving more than 1,200 distributors and 700 manufacturers across the healthcare industry.

The past few years have brought into focus the importance of safety and personal protective equipment, especially for healthcare professionals, according to Univet.

Univet Optical Technologies North America has been a long-time manufacturer of customized surgical loupes and LED lights for healthcare professionals.

Univet’s new partnership with NDC allows it to expand its offerings in North America to include high-quality safety eyewear, which can now be accessed for quick delivery through a single platform at NDC, allowing health professionals to easily choose the right protective equipment for themselves, their staff, and their patients.

Univet offers the following high-quality safety eyewear for healthcare professionals:

  • A vast selection of protective spectacles that can be worn alone or over prescription glasses, guaranteeing optimum comfort without putting pressure on the face.
  • Goggles with interchangeable lens and superior impact resistance to protect against droplets, splashes, and large dust particles that can also be worn over prescription glasses.
  • A selection of face shields suitable for use with prescription glasses and protective masks (or with magnifying systems and headlights) that are anti-fog and EN166-certified.

All of Univet’s safety eyewear is available with a choice of anti-fog and anti-scratch protection levels that range from basic to ultra performance.

Photo via Univet Optical Technologies