The Orthodontic Service Organization continues its expansion with Drobocky who has three practice locations in Kentucky. 

Orthodontic Service Organization (OSO) Orthodontic Partners announced its new partnership with Oles Drobocky, DMD, an orthodontist with three practice locations in Kentucky. According to Orthodontic Partners, it focuses on partnering with practices from recognized leaders in the orthodontic profession and those of seasoned business executives. 

Orthodontic Partners reportedly focuses on growing its practices while maintaining “the clinical integrity and local culture that established these thriving practices.” Partnering doctors maintain full clinical autonomy, while Orthodontic Partners supports the practice through a service center that aids in accounting, revenue management, Human Resources, reporting, marketing, operations, and other business functions. 

According to the organization, it is focused on connecting established practices with a network of world-class partner doctors who share a common belief: as patient demands increase and the business side of the profession becomes more difficult to navigate, there is more value in collaboration and aggregation than ever. 

Drobocky, who is a former member of the Schulman Group, will serve as an educator and mentor to other Orthodontic Partners doctors as he transitions to the next phase of his career. “I am looking forward to working with doctors like David Sarver and Tim Trulove, and the other OP partner doctors we bring onboard, as we round out the Southeast region for our organization,” he said. 

Orthodontic Partners currently operates across the US, with partnering practices in Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, and Missouri. The OSO is continuing to seek doctor partners and associates across both new and existing markets. 

“We proudly welcome Dr Oles Drobocky to the Orthodontic Partners family, and we look forward to working with him and his team to serve his community with excellent orthodontic treatment,” states Chip Hurlburt, CEO of Orthodontic Partners. “We continue to seek like-minded partner doctors to join our team in 2021 and beyond, as we remain poised to maintain our current growth.”