Planmeca is donating mobile dental clinics to help provide basic dental services for residents of the Ukraine.

Planmeca is donating 5 mobile dental clinics to Ukraine to help provide dental care in the war-torn country.

Each mobile clinic is fully furnished and includes a digital Planmeca dental unit, an autoclave and all other necessary devices and instruments needed to provide basic dental services.

The recently developed mobile clinic has been created in cooperation with Planmeca’s Finnish distributor Plandent to enable dental care in areas where it is needed the most.

The 5 mobile clinics donated to Ukraine will be delivered to their destination with the help of Planmeca’s Ukrainian distributor so the clinics can be used as soon as possible.

Regional focuses and schedules will be planned in cooperation with the local distributor in order to ensure the effectiveness of the donation in extremely difficult circumstances.

Photo courtesy of Planmeca