PlastCare partnered with startup bttn to bring its dental products to the medical supply e-commerce platform.

Medical supply startup bttn announced the addition of 93 PlastCare USA products for dental professionals to its business-to-business e-commerce platform.

The addition of PlastCare products expands bttn’s dental supply offerings and brings 23 new dental product categories to the platform.

“We are thrilled PlastCare has chosen to offer its products to the bttn ecosystem,” said JT Garwood, CEO and co-founder of bttn. “We are adding new suppliers and customers at a rapid pace, and feedback from both is incredibly positive.”

The company says it has seen a dramatic increase in dental practices using its medical supply platform in recent months. The platform offers PPE and other disposable products for orthodontic practices.

PlastCare is a manufacturer of FDA-approved dental supplies in the U.S.

“E-Commerce is the major element of the future of medical sales, and we believe that bttn. will be a large part of that future,” said Jason Javaherian, owner of PlastCare. “Like us, they are committed to establishing meaningful, long-term relationships with the members of their ecosystem and back that commitment with a customer experience based on frictionless supply acquisition. We are looking forward to an endearing and mutually beneficial relationship.”

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