Podium is partnering with Kaleidoscope to offer orthodontic practices an end-to-end solution for patient marketing and communication.

Podium selected Kaleidoscope as an agency partner to offer a combined communications and marketing solution for orthodontic practices.

Podium is a communication and payments platform designed to generate customer reviews, collect payments, and communicate with customers through text messaging. Kaleidoscope offers orthodontic-specific marketing capabilities.

The combination of the two solutions is designed to offer orthodontists a broad spectrum of patient communication from prospecting to follow-up.

To illustrate what the partnership can bring to orthodontic practices, Podium shared that a text-based patient survey was sent out for client McReath Orthodontics. Kaleidoscope sent the text to 1,982 patients, receiving 518 responses. Of the responses, 97% said they had received “top notch care.” Patients also provided 22 referrals for the orthodontic practice to follow up, according to Podium.

Podium and Kaleidoscope are hosting a joint webinar series on how the orthodontic patient journey has changed in recent years, and how the two companies can help orthodontic practices leverage these changes to gain new patients. The webinars will be held on Friday, October 1 and on Tuesday, October 5. The webinars will showcase how the two companies work together and explain how the Podium and Kaleidoscope partnerships can provide an advantage to orthodontic practices.

Photo via Podium