ContinuedCare is offered to US-based consumers who have been unable to receive the aligners, mid-course corrections, or retainers they need to complete or maintain their treatment because of orthodontic office closures due to COVID-19. 

SmileDirectClub, the direct-to-consumer teledentistry platform, announced the introduction of ContinuedCare, a new offering for US-based consumers whose clear aligner therapy treatment has been interrupted due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

The ContinuedCare program is aimed at clear aligner patients who have been unable to receive the aligners, mid-course corrections, or retainers they need to compete or maintain their treatment because of dental office closures for non-emergency procedures and economic impacts on some aligner providers. 

ContinuedCare patients will be able to complete treatment using SmileDirectClub’s teledentistry platform and affiliated network of 250+ board-certified dentists and orthodontists. According to the company, with ContinuedCare, qualified individuals currently in aligner therapy with another provider may become SmileDirectClub Members at a reduced cost of $895 (single pay) or a monthly payment plan of $250 down payment and $58 per month for 12 months (SmilePay). 

The program includes an updated set of doctor-prescribed, custom clear aligners and premium teeth whitening. 

“Telehealth has become more important than ever for continuity of care during this pandemic. As many patients find their treatment on hold due to interrupted supply or government-mandated closures, ContinuedCare offers an option for those currently in clear aligner treatment to continue to straighten their teeth safely and remotely during the pandemic,” said Dr Jeffrey Sulitzer, SmileDirectClub Chief Clinical Officer. “Expanding our telehealth platform to help these consumers get the smile they’ve always wanted safely and effectively furthers SmileDirectClub’s mission of making premium oral care more accessible.”

According to a press release from the company, SmileDirectClub’s board-certified dentists and orthodontists will deliver the ContinuedCare treatment plans after reviewing the patient’s current patient records and assessing a 3D image of the patient’s teeth via either a free, at-home impression kit ($49) or an in-person scan at a SmileShop.