SmartMouth’s redesigned mouthwash products combine two solutions that fight bad breath and prevent it from coming back.

SmartMouth introduced a new look to its dual-chamber bottle design for its mouthwash products.

The new dual-chamber bottle look will be featured in SmartMouth products, including Original Activated Mouthwash, Clinical Activated Mouthwash, and Dry Mouth Activated Mouthwash.

SmartMouth’s line of activated mouthwash employs two liquids to fight bad breath. The sulfur eliminating solution destroys the root cause of bad breath: sulfur gasses in the mouth.

When mixed with its zinc ion activating solution, the zinc ions bond to germs in the mouth, stopping the return of bad breath for 24 hours with two rinses a day.

The SmartMouth dual-chamber bottle design makes mixing these solutions a simple process.

By pouring liquid from both chambers into the cup, both solutions are dispensed simultaneously.

“Bad breath is a naturally occurring process. Our mouths can contain billions of germs and bacteria that break down protein particles to produce sulfur gas, otherwise known as bad breath,” said SmartMouth CEO Jim Scheetz. “Our SmartMouth Activated Mouthwashes make it easier for customers to fight bad breath on two fronts: stopping the production of sulfur gas at its source and preventing it from coming back.”

SmartMouth also has developed a zinc ion toothpaste that combines zinc ion technology with antiplaque and antigingivitis benefits to prevent bleeding gums for better oral health. The company also offers mints and mouthwash designed to relieve dry mouth while preventing bad breath.

Photo courtesy of SmartMouth