Smile Stream Solutions began the full integration of OrthoEssentials, the company it acquired 2 years ago that had operated independently until now.

Smile Stream Solutions announced the full integration of OrthoEssentials operations into the Smile Stream Solutions organization.

The company acquired OrthoEssentials 2 years ago, but it operated autonomously with founders Ron and Brenda Baron serving as co-general managers out of its New Jersey facility.

The integration is expected to improve efficiency within the company and offer value-added benefits to Smile Stream customers.

Smile Stream Solutions says the integration will bring access to the company’s entire portfolio of products and services. It will handle online ordering and payment through its website and consolidate shipping to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The integration will also standardize pricing structures and offer bundling opportunities.

Smile Stream president and chief executive officer Tom Macari said that the integration process might come with short-term disruption to its standard operating workflows, but he is confident that the long-term benefits will outweigh the negatives.

“We will continue to keep you informed of any conditions or changes that may affect you through announcements as well as our team of sales and service account managers,” said Macari. “Smile Stream Solutions’ mission is to enhance the vitality of the orthodontic community through efficiency and savings in supplies, and we are committed to customer satisfaction through continuous improvement efforts such as this business integration.”

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