EasyRx, Atlanta, reported that, in August 2018, its customers submitted a total of 33,297 prescriptions via its universal orthodontic lab prescription software.

The company notes that this is a 17% increase in total number of prescriptions submitted compared to July, and, year to date, there has been a 115% volume increase compared to 2017, with the total number of prescription submissions so far in the year 2018 close to 200,000.

“This data shows that practices and labs implementing EasyRx are seeing the benefits of a secure digital workflow. Furthermore, this is a testament that the industry is migrating swiftly towards a fully-digital infrastructure,” said Todd Blankenbecler, president and CEO of EasyRx. “Our goal with EasyRx is to help practices and labs embrace digital migration by better managing their lab prescriptions and digital workflow. In turn, it also fosters trust and growth with the patients and clients they work with each day.”