SmileDirectClub becomes the second direct-to-consumer aligner company to partner with Anthem to offer remote orthodontic care on an in-network basis.

SmileDirectClub has joined Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s (Anthem) new program, Ortho@Home, a teledentistry orthodontics program designed to provide consumers with convenient, affordable and remote orthodontic care. SmileDirectClub is offering remote dental care and clear aligner therapy to users on Anthem Dental Prime and Complete networks.

SmileDirectClub is the second direct-to-consumer aligner company to partner with Anthem on the Ortho@Home program. byte joined the program earlier this month.

In joining Ortho@Home, SmileDirectClub will extend its platform to Anthem members while creating new opportunities for the dental professionals and orthodontists in its affiliated network to treat their members with remote orthodontic care on an in-network basis.

“We are thrilled to join Anthem’s Ortho@Home program, allowing its members to now access our clear aligner therapy with in-network coverage, providing for an even more cost-effective way to achieve a straighter smile,” says SmileDirectClub chief executive officer David Katzman. “Now more than ever, we see the demand for our telehealth platform as we maximize convenience and allow consumers to safely access dental care while minimizing exposure to others. We are proud to join this program and ensure consumers have the choice to access premium oral care solutions safely and remotely.”

Ortho@Home, which was launched earlier this month, will give consumers with orthodontic benefits access to at-home clear aligner therapy, remote oversight of care, teeth whitening, and retainers at completion of treatment with an average cost reportedly up to 60% less than traditional orthodontics. Anthem expects cases to be treated three times faster. 

Ortho@Home is intended to help improve member access to orthodontic care—especially in rural areas where over half of the counties in the United States do not have access to orthodontic offices. 

“Anthem is committed to providing our members with more convenient and affordable care options,” Anthem president of dental and vision business, Scott Towers, adds. “Our partnership with SmileDirectClub is an example of how we are improving member access to quality dental care and meeting the growing demand for remote. Through our Ortho@Home program we will reduce the amount of time members must spend away from work and their families, freeing up their schedules and reducing healthcare costs.”