Two Front’s platform helps dentists partner with orthodontists to offer orthodontic services to compete with direct-to-consumer aligner providers.

Orthodontic startup Two Front announced the closing of $3.5 million in funding from Craft Ventures to take private orthodontics practices digital.

The funding will help Two Front build out its team, operating system, and platform and obtain its goal of signing on 100 dental office partners in Los Angeles by the end of the year.

Once it expands in the Southern California market, Two Front plans to target other major markets like New York, Miami, and Dallas, and ultimately has global aspirations.

Two Front is designed to help dentists add orthodontics-as-a-service to their practice while helping orthodontists build their brand and practice.

It allows orthodontists to partner with and see patients out of up to 20 community dental offices each month, both in-person and virtually.

Two Front handles the various practice management needs, including payment plans, scheduling, and two-way communication between patients and orthodontists.

In concert with the specialty’s supply and cost problems, DTC companies have grown in popularity, and dentist referrals to licensed orthodontists have grown less frequent, according to the company, an issue that the company’s services are designed to address.

“The past seven years, folks have tried to get rid of the orthodontist,” said Ingrid Murra, Two Front founder and chief executive officer. “We’re putting orthodontists back into the model.”