Biolux Research Ltd,Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, recently appointed Timothy G.Shaughnessy, DDS, MS, as consulting orthodontist on its Clinical andScientific Advisory Board. Shaughnessy (pictured) is an American Board ofOrthodontics certified orthodontist, director of the Atlanta OrthodonticStudy Group, and a lecturer on what he calls “ComprehensiveOrthodontics.” A graduate of the University of North Carolina School ofDentistry, he has more than 25 years of private practice experience inAtlanta.

As consulting orthodontist on the board, Shaughnessy will review andadvise on the company’s research and development programs, expand thenetwork of orthodontists and beta test sites for clinical evaluation ofprototypes and products, and treat and evaluate a series of cases usingOrthoPulse™, a full-mouth, extraoral phototherapy device designed tofacilitate tooth movement and reduce treatment times.

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