In a recent survey, Orthodontic Products asked our readers, "What’s the best thing you’ve ever done for your practice?" Here’s this week’s featured answer, from Robert "Tito" Norris, DDS, from ?San Antonio:

"The best thing I ever did for my practice was to get a personal assistant. In my case, this was a loyal, trusted employee who had been with the practice for years but was looking for a change from clinical assisting. She now does everything for me, including, but not limited to: maintenance of my vehicles, pick-up/drop off dry cleaning, scheduling and overseeing home maintenance, muffin runs, research tracking, coordinating with Invisalign, and working on the marketing team. One of her most important responsibilities is to see to it that nothing makes it to my desk unless it needs my immediate attention or signature. This helps tremendously in reducing the ‘battle of the bulge’ that would occur daily on my desk if there were not a fine filter. Furthermore, since she has 18 years of clinical experience, she can always assist in a pinch."

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