Most traditional orthodontic practices are bustling with activity, as multiple staff members and assistants attend to doctors, patients, and families. However, at the New Orleans office of Glenn C. Dubroc, Jr, DDS, things are done a bit differently.

"I only have one person in the office who handles the front desk, and it’s only me in the back assisting patients," Dubroc explains. "We keep it simple because we want to focus on each patient and devote as much time to that person as possible."

Keeping it simple has been the mantra for Dubroc since he started practicing 20 years ago. Where many practices see an average of 80 to 100 patients per day, Dubroc’s office sees an estimated 30 patients a day. The reduced patient volume means that he needs less staff, resulting in an average office overhead of 21% over the past 10 years.

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